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Home News ASEAN becomes third largest market of VN

ASEAN becomes third largest market of VN

alt In 2012, trade turnover between Viet Nam and ASEAN reached $17.08 billion, 25.7% increased over the previous year and accounted for 14.9% of the country’s export.

Accordingly, ASEAN has become Viet Nam’s third largest market for Vietnamese exports, after the EU and the US.
The increase was due to the higher export value of goods, such as computers, electric products and spares, which was at $844 million; telephones of all kinds and spares, which was increased $750 million; rubber increased $339 million, iron and steel increased $243 million and coffee increased $224 million.

The above groups contributed nearly $2.4 billion, accounting for 81% of the $3.49 billion export turnover to ASEAN last year.

Among the ASEAN countries, Singapore continued to be the largest trade partner with $9.03 billion of turnover, accounting for 23.9% of the total trade turnover of Viet Nam and ASEAN.

Second rank goes to Thailand with two-way trade at $8.41 billion, accounting for 22.2%. The next are Malaysia with $7.91 billion, Indonesia with $4.61 million, Cambodia with $3.32 billion, Philippines with $2.84 billion, Laos with $866 million, Brunei with $627 million and Myanmar with $227 million.

Of those, Malaysia is the largest export market for Viet Nam, with export turnover up to 26.3% of the total export of Viet Nam to ASEAN. The next are Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia.

By Ngoc Van (VGP News)


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